Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here be Gryphons!

Woah! It's been ages since I've made a post so here's something fun.

Friend and fellow White Cloud Worlds contributor, Tanya Marriott, had cast a bronze prototype from a Zbrush sculpt of her Baby Gryphon character and I though it would make a grand gift for my partner Mel. Rather than a monetary exchange we wrangled an art trade. A gryphon for a gryphon seemed appropriate. For my character, I wanted to convey a sense of this entity as a hyper-dimensional being, existing in various spacial states at any point in time, hence the multiple heads seeing in all directions.

For more of Tanya's work, check out her website for a myriad of exquisite, original dolls and sculptural  art pieces.


  1. Coolest Gryphon I have ever seen. Well done indeed! Great concept with the multiple faces too. As always your art continues to inspire!

    1. I always liked the posture of the sleeping gryphon from Alice in Wonderland. Mine's waking up.... https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rgs/alice33a.gif

  2. ahh! 3 faces! XD amazing as always & a really interesting & fresh take on the Gryphon. I really love your white charcoal works by the way. ^-^

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  4. Amazing Nick, I love it- almost Ernst Fuchs-ish!

  5. The composition becomes more interesting the longer you look at it :)

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