Thursday, April 11, 2013


The release of the new album 'Everblack' from The Black Dahlia Murder has been announced and the artwork I contributed has been revealed. The job entailed the full layout for the package including a 3-panel gatefold illustration. It's actually a triptych of three separate oil on canvas paintings which I photographed then digitally stitched together into a sprawling landscape. The three paintings together measure 180cm wide.

Front cover
Full 3-panel gatefold
If you're a fan of the band you can listen to the new song "Into the Everblack" here as well as preorder the album (check out that sexy purple & white marbled vinyl!) -


  1. This came out amazing bro! so much detail in that landscape, and most of it is missed if you don't get to see the real piece up close :0

  2. I am in love with his artwork. Nick can you make a drawing of dark elf?