Monday, October 17, 2011

Beastwars... the Beer \m/

So, the band Beastwars I did some album art for a while back are releasing their very own beer - does it get more metal than that?!

Heres the painting I did in photoshop for the beer label featuring the guys from the band. Would have been great to do it as an oil painting in true Frazettaesque style but time limits didn't permit.

A bit more info on the brew and upcoming tour dates:


  1. I will drink that beer! I will use my teeth to open it, and bottle someone with the empty. I will save the blood stained label of course.

  2. This is the most insane label ever adhered to a silica vessel!

  3. Damn! That's fucking great man. Who made the beer?

  4. Hallertau. I believe Eden did some bas relief sculpts a few years back for some of their other beer labels.

  5. Hey Nick! Wanted you to know that we're running a feature interview with Beastwars on The Bone Reader. Some discussion on the amazing artwork... Hoped we could chat a bit before we publish it. Drop us a line!!

    TBR [at]